As rappers 7 aircraft detained

Как рэперы 7 самолётов задержали

Paris Orly airport has filed a lawsuit against rappers who started a fight in one of the terminals. Wednesday is widely known in France musicians Buba and Karis, quarreling 4 years ago after many years of cooperation, began to fight right in the air port.

To protect their idols stood their fans, the fight took on a mass character and spread to the shops “duty free”, where fighters attacked the shelves, until they were arrested by the border police. The result of the confrontation was a delay of 7 flights.

Rapper booba released 8 gold and 3 platinum albums. His collaboration with CARICOM, who is credited with the popularization in France of the trap – varieties of American hip-hop – broke down once on a radio show last promised to take Bubba the title “king of the French rap”.

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