As smartphone Redmi K20 Pro looks like on the inside: video

Как смартфон Redmi K20 Pro выглядит изнутри: видео

Shortly after the announcement of the flagship smartphone Redmi K20 Pro, received a retractable front camera, in a network published video showing the complete tear down of the device. The authors of the video told about peculiarities of design of the smartphone and the reliability of the retractable mechanism of the self-module.

Cooling system Redmi K20 Pro. One feature of the device is the composite system for cooling the chipset with 8 layers of graphite, copper foil and heat-conducting gel. This design increases the efficiency of heat dissipation from the flagship Snapdragon processor 855.

Other features of Redmi K20 Pro. Battery compartment new items designed with the possibility of battery replacement with minimal risk of damage during disassembly.

In the upper part of the body is placed sound camera large by the standards of smartphones volume of 0.9 cubic centimeters.

As Redmi K20 Pro looks like on the inside – watch the video


Protection Of Redmi K20 Pro. Despite the lack of IP certification, a tray for SIM-card is protected from water and dust silicone sealant. USB Type-C connector is also equipped with a rubber insert, and the point of attachment to the system Board treated anti-corrosion agent.

Extendable camera Redmi K20 Pro. Disassembly of the sliding mechanism of the camera showed the system to protect it from mechanical influences. Three-axis gyroscope in case of a fall gets the camera in the case for 100 MS, and a spring device softens the vibration at impact.

Similarly triggered and the pressure sensor, cleaning the module to its original position when pressed.

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