As the actuator affects the way you drive

Как электропривод влияет на манеру езды

A special study of Hyundai Motor has allowed to figure out how to change a car with an internal combustion engine for a hybrid car on hydrogen or electric impact on the habits of motorists.

The sensors that were installed on these cars, measured the different parameters on the characteristics of maneuvering to pulse. It turned out that the drivers of cars on alternative sources of energy, different politeness and discipline.

Also, a survey was conducted of drivers. He showed that people, become familiar with the management of electric vehicles and hybrids, often believe that their style of relaxed driving than drivers of cars with internal combustion engines.

For example, more than 90% of them never honk the neighbors down the road about 40% are willing to yield to the bus, which departs from the stop. In this case, every fifth driver of such a car passes yellow light.

This survey identified and basic misconceptions about electric cars. So 22% of owners of cars with internal combustion engines believe that charging is a big problem for electric vehicles. 12% of drivers of cars with internal combustion engines would not have to charge your phone in an electric vehicle, and 18% are afraid to drive such a car in a thunderstorm.