As the Assembly of the smartphone affect its reliability and popularity

Как сборка смартфона влияет на его надежность и популярность

Often the cause of the response of the party of smartphones sales be the explosion and spontaneous combustion devices. All this is a nightmare for manufacturers, but such is the price of failure in the smartphone market.

Why failures happen from smartphone manufacturers?

Most large corporations are buying components and carry out the re-assembling of phones on third-party companies. Thus, manufacturers can reduce the cost of the already expensive products, and stay in the highest League, in which the matter burst into the Korean, the Chinese competitors. By the way, a few years ago a Chinese company called sincere smile, however, now demonstrate the growth of quality at more than loyal price.

To build one phone requires up to two hundred components, this means that the security and performance of a smartphone depends on literally any component.

Как сборка смартфона влияет на его надежность и популярность

In this respect, the high level of control can provide only those corporations that have their own production capacity. These are global brands that can create a whole range of mobile products ranging from push-button phones to smartphones and 4G: Gionee, Coship, Huawei, TECNO Mobile, Infinix, Itel.

Contrary to popular belief, it is they, not famous corporations, it is easier to be flexible and quickly scale the range in the oversaturated market of electronics.

Brutal business

For manufacturers who collect their phones at third party companies, fast response, often an unattainable luxury. Purchasing components at different factories and assembling their products on the territory of another state, the well-known vendors carry out stress tests and monitoring of input quality for each items. But the probability of mistakes and punctures thus increases several times.

In addition to technical factor for these companies is an issue of occupational safety and ethics. For example, from the control test often depends on whether the plant that collects the phone for a popular brand, purchasing parts from unknown factory.

Как сборка смартфона влияет на его надежность и популярность

By the way, often plant-collector examines the party from several nameless factories, of course, choosing the best samples. The rest of the party back to the less fortunate producers.

The Chinese press, nostalgia triumphs

This strategy world of giants does not always produce clearly positive results in the consumer market.

According to the figures of last year, black was familiar to users of Chinese brands Huawei, Xiaomi. Unexpectedly high dynamics is demonstrated not so well-known in Ukraine, the TECNO brand of Mobile sales, which grew by 32%, and Nokia HMD, which in 2018 was sold 126% more phones than in 2017.

Как сборка смартфона влияет на его надежность и популярность

Ergonomics in the factory – the usability of the phone

The days when consumers of assorted famous phones like hot cakes, gone. Modern buyers increasingly opt not on the flagship devices collected in the same regions of South-East Asia, and the middling and even the public sector, whose quality and performance have not inferior to the expensive smartphones.

Users increasingly appreciate the social responsibility of the brand, the respect for human rights and the protection of labor in production, the ability to provide a large range of products in all price niches without imposing his own point of view.

Paradoxically, brands “named” in the plan lose to less well-known Chinese competitors, who rely only on their own intellectual and production resources. “Chinese” has long ceased to be synonymous with poor quality, and brands of China, perhaps the most flexible and provide the best quality and affordable modern products.