As the body tries to tell you that you drink too little water

Как организм пытается сказать, что вы пьете слишком мало воды

Water is the main ingredient for the metabolic and catabolic processes in the body. From the water balance depends on the state of the skin, nails, hair and even internal organs. Water shortage triggers failures of multiple body systems and even causes psychological disorders.

The most obvious sign that the body is lacking water is a rare trips to the toilet. A healthy person needs to get rid of excess liquid about 6-7 times a day. When the body starts to experience water shortages triggered a process of dehydration, which often causes headaches.

If you use lotions and gels for moisturizing the skin, it’s a reason to pay attention to water balance. Dry skin in most cases is called insufficient production of subcutaneous fat, which prevents drying of the skin. For its synthesis is water.