As the MP Balitsky lies about the mayor Sergey Minko will refute – the details of the court decision (video)

Как нардеп Балицкий ложь о мэре Сергее Минько опровергать будет - подробности судебного решения (видео)

The people’s Deputy to Balitsky will have to refute the lies about the mayor Sergey Minko, which he distributed to the screens of the Central television channels. The decision yesterday made the Melitopol city court.

From the history of the trial – people’s Deputy Yevhen Balitsky regularly from the rostrum of the Verkhovna Rada and various television channels spreading false information about Sergey Minko. The mayor did not put up with lies. After another accusations of separatism, he went to court with the claim about protection of honor and dignity. To evade the answer, despite all the attempts of his lawyer, Yevgeny Balitsky failed. Yesterday in fact was the point.

The case at the suit of the mayor Sergey Minko on protection of honor, dignity and business reputation in court heard about two months. The mayor demanded to refute the information disseminated by the people’s Deputy on the Central TV channels. In November last year in the broadcast channel “112” MP Balitsky, claimed that the mayor was standing under the banner of Lenin and shouting: “Russia, Russia, referendum, separation.”

Speaking in Parliament, Balitsky and even showed a video that put Sergei Minko almost organizer of the “Russian spring” in Melitopol, cut out the pieces of video events in the city in 2014, and backed by their visuals.

The plaintiff presented the court with irrefutable evidence that the pieces of film mounted by court reporters, and displayed by the MP, have nothing to do with what actually happened in Odessa in 2014.

The defendant tried to delay the hearing, and after brought a ridiculous excuse. Thus, the lawyer balitskiy Sergey Duda shied away from answering direct questions, called the words of MP satire and reflections, tried to “forward” a claim on other people’s Deputy Mikhail Golovko, who is also from the parliamentary podium, talking shit about Melitopol, as well as assumed under the mayor of Melitopol Balitsky could keep in mind the other person.

To shed light on the events that were distorted with a light hand balitskiy and his retinue, the Respondent demonstrated to the court the original video of the rally in 2014, where clearly seen and heard what the mayor said.

Melitopol mayor in the lawsuit demanded that Eugene balitchi refuted the lies on TV. The judge Yulia Kovaleva granted the claim in full.