As the party “Base” will support young families: private housing and cash assistance for child birth

Как партия «Основа» поддержит молодые семьи: собственное жилье и денежная помощь при рождении ребенка

The party “Base” will return the respect to the Ukrainian family. Especially a young family, who decided in the difficult time to have a baby.

Family support is an effective means of resolving the escalating Ukraine demographic crisis, because the population has drastically reduced. During the years of independence Ukraine’s population has decreased by almost 10 million people, and the sad trend is not quenched. Only in 2017 due to attrition, the country has missed 200 thousand of its citizens.

The birth rate in Ukraine for the last 6 years continuously decreases. For the period from 2012 to 2017 it has fallen by 40% from 521 to 364 thousand newborns, respectively. One of the causes of low fertility is lack of support for young families from the state.

“Young families should feel confident and protected. Great confidence and optimism for many years young people attached their own homes,” – said the leader of the PP “Base”, the candidate in Presidents of Ukraine Sergey Taruta.

Software provision of the party “Base” – every family should be able to get a mortgage for the purchase or construction of housing at 3-4% up to 30 years. Unfortunately, the current government is anything even remotely resembling such young families.

The state program of youth housing loans not working, mortgages are only being referred to as such, but in fact they are not available to the public. Loans for long term are not available, the actual interest rate is unaffordable, they make up 15-30% per annum.

Young people abandoned to their fate, the majority of young people for decades to huddle under the roof of the next of kin. Not accidentally, in our days, the period of the highest birth rates of young mothers has shifted and now falls on the ages of 25 and 29 years, although until 2012 he was at the age of 20-24 years.

The party “Base” will ensure the reduction of high inflation rates and the NBU discount rate in the framework of the rapid development of “Country Work”, resulting in loans to Ukraine will fall in price in 2-3 times. This will allow domestic banks to lend to the purchase of housing by young families under the European interest.

The program “Principles of respect” also implies a substantial increase in state aid to parents at the birth of the child. After coming to power, we will increase the size of this aid to 100 thousand UAH. at the birth of the first child, up to 200 thousand UAH. – second, 300 thousand UAH. third.

For additional support for families with two or more children, the party “Base” provides for substantial exemptions from the payment of income tax by such family members.

Income up to 20 thousand UAH. family with two minor children will be exempted from paying 50% income tax, while for families with three minors – 100% personal income tax.