As the satellites burn up in Earth’s atmosphere: video

Как спутники сгорают в атмосфере Земли: видео

Every year the orbit of the Earth derive hundreds of new satellites, and after their operational period before the space agencies there is a problem of increasing space debris. Such objects should burn in the atmosphere at very high temperatures, so the scientists decided to test the security of disposing of satellites.

In the framework of the European space Agency “Clean space”, the researchers modeled the combustion of the metal of the satellite in the plasma wind tunnel, according to 4PDA.

The purpose of the experience. The purpose of the experiment was to check the satellite for the D4D concept, according to which must occur for complete combustion of the object when re-entering the atmosphere.

Experience. As subjects used the rod of the magnetic system orientation – part of the space object with the cobalt core, which is the most resistant to high temperatures and potentially is able to reach the Earth’s surface.

As the satellite burns in the atmosphere – watch the video

Simultaneously with the heating of the computer emulated the stages of falling, comparing theoretical part with the evident destruction of parts in the lab.The researchers heat the structure up to several thousand degrees, according to theoretical calculations.

Results. According to the chief engineer of the European space Agency Thiago Suarez, scientists confirmed – even the most resistant parts of the satellite did not pose a threat when entering the atmosphere.

However, a separate part of the bar is collapsed not quite as planned. It may have occurred because of an error in the production or in the mathematical model of destruction.

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