As the US army will be fighting with drones-spies

Как армия США будет бороться с дронами-шпионами

In recent years, small UAVs have become of the armies of many States where they were mainly used to observe enemy movements.

This week, the U.S. air force unveiled a new tool that can be place on military bases around the world: the powerful microwave system called the Tactical High Power Microwave Operational Responder (THOR), which is designed to protect bases from drones. It is reported by the Informant Tech, citing The Verge.

Of air force research laboratory air force base in Kirtland has developed a system that uses short bursts of a powerful microwaves to disable unmanned aerial vehicles. According to local TV station KRQE, the system was developed over 18 months, and the budget was $15 million. This system is powered by a generator and stored in the transport container, which means that it can be transported to virtually any place and set for several hours.

Air force began testing THOR against targets short range earlier this spring, while the other system, the microwave system of air defense of air bases (CHIMERA), which is designed to destroy targets at medium and long range, is only now beginning to be tested.

The military is predicting that the main problem will be swarms of drones working together – then it won’t matter if one or two of them shot down, because it will not affect the overall outcome. This system is efficiently designed for the simultaneous destruction of a large number of drones and has better range than bullets. Program Manager THOR amber Anderson says that the system “works like a flashlight,” and that everything that comes under the beam, “will be brought down… in the blink of an eye”.