As the utility of the Dnieper work in quarantine and under what conditions you can get into the parks

Как коммунальщики Днепра работают на карантине и при каком условии можно попасть в парки

The utility of the Dnieper work in a regular mode during the quarantine. In particular, the city continued road repairs total area of about 30 thousand square meters. KP “water works” last week cleared 2.5 million linear feet of storm sewer throughout the city. And staff Gorsvet for a week replaced the lamp and 1171 3095 meters of wires, assembled 167 lamps. Also in the river during the quarantine, a large number of preparatory work, contractors ‘ employees provided with speculate in transport.

This was during a press conference on 2 April, Deputy mayor of the Dnieper Mikhail Lysenko.

On sanitation public transport, it is carried out according to the schedule, at least three times a day. This was purchased special equipment, which received the employees of “Dnieper electric vehicle” and private carriers.

“April 3, proceed to the second stage of processing of the entrances of the houses of communal property. In particular, the entrances, the first floor and elevators. For the first phase, last week, we treated 4375 porches forces ZHILSERVIS, the contractor has additionally cultivated since 1686 entrances. We are going to process one entrance not less than once in 5 days. If the epidemiological situation will worsen, will process more often. For this we have stock all the necessary disinfectants.

Also this week, we have granted a 45-sprayers chairmen of osmd and ZHSK the city. They will use one spray for a few associations, because some condominiums are only 1-2 entrances. Application organizations may submit to the Department of housing”, -said Mikhail Lysenko.

Also the representative of the municipality recalled that on 31 March, the special Commission on liquidation of consequences of emergency situation of natural character local level took the decision to close all parks, squares and green spaces to the public from 3 April.

“We believe that it is a necessary extreme measure, because we see how many people are in parks, squares, on the waterfront. These sites are fenced, and the persons who will violate the ban, you will have to pay a fine of 17 thousand UAH. You can walk the dog for a short time: one person with one dog.

There are parks that people go to work. These “transit roads” are defined, they will pass. The police and the “local protection” will make sure that under this pretext the club is not out just to take a walk in the Park,” said Mikhail Lysenko.