As the village Yelyzavetivka fighting for a safe environment

Как село Елизаветовка борется за безопасную обстановку

A month after the installation of video surveillance has sharply reduced the number of accidents, thefts, vandalism and hooliganism.

The program “Safe village” was launched in April in Yelyzavetivka village, Petrikov district of Dnepropetrovsk region.

The idea of the village head Maxim Golosnoy village Elizavetovca at an extraordinary session on 27 February.

“The main components of the program “Safe village” in Yelyzavetivka are cameras, not the usual, which can be purchased at any online store, and with a system of recognition of numbers of cars. Why these? Because it passes through the village of a busy highway, and a lot of offenses related to the participation of road transport, and detection numbers in this case helps a lot,” said the “Persons” Maxim Golosnoy.

“A month after the installation of the cameras appeared results. Increased safety not only traffic plummeted incidents of theft and damage to rural property, reduced the incidence of bullying. Even situations such as rubbish dumping in the wrong place, has been reduced to a minimum.

It became easier to identify offenders and bring them to justice,” – says the village head.