As the violators of traffic rules to avoid the penalty: new rules from the Cabinet

Как нарушителю ПДД избежать штрафа: новые правила от Кабмина

Resolution of the government of Ukraine introduced changes in the rules of entry in the Unified state register of vehicles. Now in the Registry at the same time you can make one appropriate user of one car that, according to experts, will lead to problematic situations, in particular, incorrect determination of the person responsible for the violation of traffic rules.

The expert noted that according to the decree of Cabinet of Ministers No. 1197, issued in November last year, in the case of automatic fixing of the offence committed by the driver, will be the responsibility of the person registered as a proper user of the vehicle.

It is noted that as a user one vehicle can be registered no more than one person. Vladimir Karavayev stressed that a vehicle in practice, likely to be used by several persons, for example, several members of the same family.

On the government portal in the explanation to the decree, in contrast, noted that the purpose of his publication was to avoid in the future controversies in the determination of a person who committed an administrative offence.