As TV cashes in on nostalgia viewers

Как телевидение зарабатывает на ностальгии зрителей

The turn of XX and XXI centuries remembered by most Russians as a time of poverty and freedom. The airwaves flooded the show in a radically new for the domestic audience formats. One of the most popular format of a reality.

Remember how worried the participants of the show “the Last hero” landed on a desert island? A charismatic Sergei Bodrov, the host of the first season? On nostalgia for those times, while the word “reality show” is not the beginning associated with endless “House-2”, and now is trying to make TV.

And as well all began…

Recently on channel TV-3 came the show “the Last hero: Psychics vs actors”. The previous season was aired 10 years ago, and learned about the new season of the beloved project, many were happy. But there it was.

In the first season of “survivor” took the plight of ordinary people, who were divided into two teams. Later, the transfer began to take part of a star – so the TV crew was hoping to boost ratings, but as I remember us in to follow the “ordinary” participants were much more interesting.

In the season 2019 are fighting each other not media personalities and ordinary people, and the actors and “psychics.” You can’t leave out the fact that “battle of the psychics” in principle – shame on Russian television, propagated to the masses outright obscurantism. Attempt to attract fans persons from the team of actors and fans of “the battle of psychics” – a blatant exploitation of the name of a once good show. But outraged us not only velezinee charlatans outside of the corral “battle of the psychics”.

What’s wrong with this show?

The developers clearly wanted to earn the maximum on behalf of all the well-known transmission. How else to explain simply the number of over-the-top product placement (hidden advertising) in the air? Seriously, is appears in the frame approximately every 10 minutes. And that’s not counting the banners with logo stretched across the island.

And well if the producers of the new “Last hero” touted the high quality products! In the show, and then flashed the drugs, “Kagocel”, “Nanoplast” and other. “Kagocel” is generally included in the famous list of “peplomycin”, that is, medicine dummy, the effect of which is not confirmed in clinical trials. Even in “House-2” is not advertised explicitly homeopathy. Yana Troyanova, offering a sympathetic fellow-sufferers to take the cure before the next test, should be ashamed. And is it the very concept of the show does not exclude the transportation to the island medicinal, and even more cosmetics?

It’s funny that with all this winning in the new “Last hero” modest – 2 million rubles. No, it’s a good amount, but remember, the prize on “survivor” 2001 amounted to 3 million rubles. And in those days it was a lot of money. It’s been 18 years, and inflation has not been canceled. Greedy. Decided that inexorably losing popularity actors and psychics already appearance in the popular show will be a worthy reward.

Как телевидение зарабатывает на ностальгии зрителей

Как телевидение зарабатывает на ностальгии зрителей

Как телевидение зарабатывает на ностальгии зрителей