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Як перегляд серіалів впливає на мозок - 24 Канал

Serial addiction is the disease of the XXI century, because the view series is available not only on television but also online. And the most common technique that causes people to watch them is an open end of each series.

Usually, the series ends on a cliffhanger, so that the audience was looking forward to the next series, or watching online an entire season, reports Zhyvyaktyvno.

According to psychologist and researcher in media, Rutgers University Robert Club, everything that happens on screen (movements, gestures, change of personnel or plans), includes an indicative reflex is a set of reactions of the organism to new stimuli.

This reflex is designed to protect people from the attack of predators. If the series is a battle scene or one of the characters points the gun at the other, the body and brain react as if you personally are endangered vessels in the brain dilate, your muscles tense up.

Як перегляд серіалів впливає на мозок - 24 Канал

The view series includes an indicative reflex (the sum of reactions to new stimuli)

So the man goes into the observation of what is happening. Accordingly, the game becomes physically impossible. Exciting plot twists and fairly rapid succession – so launch of the indicative reflex viewers.

Another physiological cause serial dependence – the pleasure of viewing. 30 seconds after the start of a new series, the brain switches to alpha waves that occur when we are alone. The right hemisphere of the brain responsible for emotions and begins to work actively the left is responsible for logic, and is the release of endorphins (pleasure hormones).

From a psychological point of view, people watch soap operas because they lack the brightest events in real life.

The person who is watching one series after another, most likely, suffers from a lack of meaningful relationships in life, or is in the doldrums. The dependence of the series can be equated with overeating, or alcoholism,
the researchers of the University of Texas.

Як перегляд серіалів впливає на мозок - 24 Канал

Another reason for serial dependence – the pleasure of viewing

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