As without air conditioning to sleep comfortably during the heat

Как без кондиционера комфортно спать во время жары

When it’s hot outside, but the house no air conditioning, how to sleep comfortably and not sweat?

You need to choose the right accessories for sleep.

If your bed has a mattress picked up a long time and pleases you, to escape from excessive heat will help you properly chosen bed linen, blanket and pillows.


In the summer it should pick up solely from natural materials.

Of cotton fabrics in the summer the most suitable satin and calico. These materials absorb moisture well and do not create excess heat.

Also for the summer perfect linen from flax. The fabric is well breathable, absorbs excess moisture and is suitable for Allergy sufferers.


For those who love to wrap myself more tightly, even in warm weather and can’t sleep under the sheets, perfect light blankets with natural cover and filler.

Best of all with the task of thermoregulation handle fillers made of cotton, linen, silk.

Also pay attention to modern materials: Outlast and polyester. Polyester fiber is perfectly passes air and insertion of Outlast to help cover the blanket to absorb excess heat.


To save your head from overheating pillow should be with the thermostatic pillowcase or a cooling material in the composition.

Perfectly cope with the heat absorption material Outlast. It absorbs excess heat from the surface of the head and neck, thus you feel nice and cool.

The gel insert works as a cooler. It speeds up your falling asleep and during the night it absorbs body heat. If the bedroom is hot to feel a pleasant coolness before sleeping put a pillow in a cool place.

Also, there are pillows with gel inside is usually combined material with foam or latex.

For a comfortable sleep without air conditioning there are solutions, the main thing – to choose the right accessories.

Get enough sleep and stay healthy.