As YouTube sold me more expensive than the same subscription

Как YouTube продал мне дороже одну и ту же подписку

Last summer in Russia officially launched YouTube Music and YouTube Premium – the latter includes not only access music streaming service, but also removes all ads from YouTube at all. I decided to try YouTube Premium, have used the trial period and have paid their individual membership through the website for a month for 199 rubles. Soon unnecessary subscription has been cancelled (but still valid until the paid period), and here I was waiting interesting surprise.

At that time, as under “Paid subscriptions” in the YouTube app for iPhone provides information about the active subscription for 199 rubles, just below the service offers me again to become a Premium user of YouTube, but… for 249 rubles per month! No, the subscription has not risen in 10 minutes YouTube just made the subscription price when making the application more than if you connect to the service through the website.

Why is it done? Obviously, the service therefore wants to compensate for the payment of a fee to Apple, which the company takes from each in-app purchase in apps on iOS. And instead take the costs on themselves, decided to recoup on users. Learn about a YouTube Premium already in the app and might think that the subscription is really worth 249 roubles, unaware that when applying through the website you can save.

I can’t say that feature in-app subscription something easier: Yes, here the payment of rent will be App Store, and in the first case, Google itself with a credit card. But this is all the difference.

Pass the Apple when you subscribe to iPhone Google. when informed Microsoft tried to subscribe to SkyDrive by App Store, its app removed from the store. Just deleted. With Apple trifled with, and many developers know this by sad experience.

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Как YouTube продал мне дороже одну и ту же подписку

Как YouTube продал мне дороже одну и ту же подписку

Как YouTube продал мне дороже одну и ту же подписку