As Zelensky are residents of the occupied Donbass

Как к Зеленскому относятся жители оккупированного Донбасса

Most of the inhabitants of the occupied districts of Donetsk and Lugansk regions (78,9%) assess the Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky “bad” or “very bad”. A “very good” and “good” to the head of state are 19 percent of residents of the occupied Donbass.

In recent months, which Zelensky had been working on a peaceful settlement of the conflict in the Donbass, the attitude has changed from 44.8% of residents ORDO, and it declined from 22.9 per cent. This is evidenced by the joint research of the Ukrainian Institute of the future and the “mirror of the week. Ukraine”, conducted by the company “new Image Marketing Group”.

Another 20.5% of residents of the occupied Donbass, said that Zelensky disappointed them. Changed opinion for the better 2.7% of respondents.

Economic success from Zelensky residents ORDO also do not expect. 1,4% believe that the President will be able to improve socio-economic conditions, another 13.3% “I admit this?? opportunity.” And 85% believe the success of “unlikely” and “very unlikely.”

Hopes for peace in the region since Zelensky is associated with 1.7 percent of residents of the occupied Donbass. At the same time, 59% of respondents associated with President hopes for peace, and 26,5% strongly don’t believe in his ability to resolve the conflict.

Even 61,3% doubt that Zelensky will be able to conduct successful negotiations with Russian President Vladimir Putin. And 23.8% think the success of the negotiating process of Ukraine and Russia “very unlikely.”

The study was conducted from 7 to 31 October 2019 method face-to-face. Respondents 1606 respondents: 800 in uncontrolled parts of the Luhansk and 806 – uncontrollable parts of Donetsk regions. To calculate the comparative sample was based on the official statistics in 2014 that were adjusted with regard to the demographic data of HPV, which left uncontrolled territory. The accuracy of the results does not exceed 3.2%.