ASD for the second time in its history, reached a record high of dredging in ports and more than 7 million cubic meters

АМПУ второй раз в своей истории достигла рекордного показателя дноуглубления в портах - более 7 млн куб. м

The volume of dredging carried out ASD in 2019 in Ukrainian ports and?? inland waterways, has already exceeded 7 million cubic meters.

The lion’s share of this volume – work on maintenance of the announced depths, which are now underway in three ports and?? on the Bugsko-Dneprovsko-Limanskiy channel.

The volume of dredging will increase to the end of this year, reported the press service of the ASD.

Last line of dredging 7 million cubic metres of capital and maintenance dredging – ASD prevailed in 2017.

“Then, at the beginning of my work as Director, we managed to achieve a record volume of capital dredging over 5 million cubic meters at the port South to the pier, which this year started working the grain terminal, Neptune (MV Cargo)”, – said the head of administration of seaports of Ukraine Raivis Veckagans, commenting on the current results of the company.

“In 2019 the lion’s share of the record high of almost 6 million cubic meters, restoring the declared depths in ports and 7?? on marine channels, where ASD is responsible for the security of navigation”, – said the head of the company.

The largest projects implemented by the ASD in the ports of Ukraine in 2019, is maintenance dredging at Azov (ports Mariupol and Berdyansk), Nikolaev and Kherson ports, Bugsko-Dneprovsko-the Limansky channel and the dredging of inland waterways.

Since the beginning of the year, the volume of operational dredging, performed in-house fleet and with the involvement of contractors through the electronic trading ProZorro amounted to more than 5.89 million cubic m, of them own fleet of the SE “USPA” – 1,3 million cubic meters.

The volume of capital dredging in 2019 for the project in the ports of the South and the Black sea amounted to 1.12 million cubic meters. Capital works in harbours ASD holds only with involvement of a specialized fleet of contractors according to the results of open tenders.