Ash and oatmeal: how Australian ecologists are protected from future fires (video)

Зола и овсянка: как австралийские экологи защищаются от будущих пожаров (видео)

Burnt areas of South Australia with the greenish. Life is gradually returning to the Adelaide hills after the devastating fires last year.

And environmentalist Joan Gibbs has an important mission – helping nature heal. Together with a team of volunteers she has been planting grass seed. Her techniques are innovative. As fertilizer uses the ash which is left over from fires.

But oatmeal sticks seeds to the ground.

Gibbs says that planting herbs that have historically grown in the region, is the main way to protect against future fires. However, to grow such herbs is not so simple.

Another ecologist, Andrew Farny come up with a way how to grow grass from extensive areas.

Farni said that the fires in the Adelaide hills has lost 99 percent of grasslands. And this increases the risk of new fires.

Environmentalists hope that their methods will apply to other fire affected regions of the country.