Asmus openly talked about sex scene with other men

Асмус откровенно рассказала о постельных сценах с другими мужчинами

Famous Russian actress Kristina Asmus, came under a hail of criticism and hate because of the explicit scenes in the film “Text”, decided on an interview in which spoke about his personal life, as well as of their complexes and beliefs.

An interview with Christine Asmus gave the famous Russian newspaper, the video has already appeared on the Youtube channel.

So the journalist did not miss the opportunity to ask the actress tricky questions about her fellow performers Ivan Yankovsky, who attributed the affair with Asmus.

The actress reacted to it aggressively, it was noticeable how her mood instantly soured.

Hearing the name Ivan, Kristina Asmus has changed dramatically in the face, began to stammer and beat with your hand on the tablet in the hands of leading, as if hinting at disgust and anger towards the person Yankovsky.

But, as it turned out, this reaction and the anger came from the actress because of one “silly”, which was said Jankowski.

So on the show “Evening Urgant” Ivan Yankovsky, nedodumali, blurted out that her husband Asmus Garik Kharlamov gets pleasure from sex scenes wife.

According to the actress, it is because of this phrase she was subjected to harassment from the haters, and Garik, and all became known as the “cuckoldom” online (it is a cheating wife that is happening right in front of her husband).

For Christine Asmus period after the release of “Text” was very traumatic and difficult, she never thought that it will pour so much negativity.

It is obvious that after this the actress could not maintain a normal relationship with a man which her family for a long time, “vilified”, and Christina became known as “slutty woman.”

Kristina Asmus considers the behavior of Jankowski betrayal, the actor has lost her respect. Now they do not support friendly relations.

Moreover, according to Kristina Asmus, she does not forgive betrayals and a very vindictive man.