Aspirin reduces the risk of dying from cancer

Аспирин снижает риск умереть от рака

Aspirin elderly reduces the risk of death from any cause, including from cancer, scientists from the United States.

Scientists from the National cancer Institute in Rockville published in the journal in the JAMA Network Open the results of their project, which revealed the utility of aspirin in prolonging life.

“Older people who take a small dose of aspirin 3 times or more a week reduced the risk of death from any cause, including from cancer”, say the researchers.

It examined the data 146 of 152 people 65 years and older, these subjects passed the screening of prostate cancer, ovarian, lung and colorectal cancer. Them for 12.5 years were monitored.

The results of monitoring indicate that reducing the risk of death is taking aspirin with a frequency of only 1 to 3 times a month. People who have used it thus decreased the risk of death from any cause. In turn, a weekly dosage of aspirin 3 or more times reduces not only the risk of death from all causes, but also from any cancer, including specifically cancer of the gastrointestinal tract and colorectal cancer.