“Ass is better than to die.” There is a video in Magnitogorsk struck the remaining part of the blown up house

In Magnitogorsk struck a large part of the entrance of a house, which was damaged in the explosion on New year’s eve. About it reports a local portal “Verstov.Info”.

Made by the witnesses on record it is visible as leans to the side yard portion of a front wall. Note that three weeks after the explosion collapsed the structure of the seventh door, which is adjacent to the sixth.

The head of the company responsible for the demolition of the house, said that the demolition was planned, but on the eve of collapse, he reported otherwise: until Monday design needs to withstand. The footage, which appeared on the Internet, no special equipment near the collapsed part of the entrance there. The publication adds that tenants also about any works not warned to leave at the time their apartments were not asked.

“We are so scared that immediately grabbed my things and rushed to evacuate, even children to wear steel – ass is better than to die” – told residents of one of the entrances.

Eyewitnesses of the collapse barely had time to turn on cell phones to remove the collapsed section of the house. While no special equipment involved in the dismantling, nearby have been reported to slab collapsed on the Avenue of Karl Marx, had to fill them in, hooking a rope over heavy equipment.

At the same time it is reported that the roll peeling wall specialists noticed in time and managed not only to guide him inside, but to command all others full retreat to a safe distance, than local residents did.