Assad strikes back: what happens in Syria

Асад наносит ответный удар: что происходит в Сирии

Sunday, March 1, in the Syrian city of Saraqib drone was shot down Turkish production, which first took to be Russian combat aircraft. Previously, it happened when the aircraft fought with the Turkish drones in the air over Idlib. “Apostrophe” tells all that is known about the incident and the situation in Syria.

Unmanned aerial vehicles of Turkish production, which belongs to the armed Syrian opposition, was shot down in the South-Eastern province of Idlib. Footage of his fall was published online.

Shot down over Sarakibe drone identified as a Turkish “Anka-S” with the tail number 021.

Асад наносит ответный удар: что происходит в Сирии

Soon the army of Bashar al-Assad announced the closure of the skies over Idlib and threatened that any air targets will be considered as enemy and turn defense forces.

“, – is told in the statement of command of the Armed forces of Syria.

According to Syrian sources, the actions of the Turkish army in Idlib province allegedly “demonstrate Ankara’s rejection of all previous agreements”. It is including the agreements that were reached in Sochi.

As you know, the military conflict in Syria are from 2011. In the fighting at various times included government troops, opposition, radical Islamists, the Kurds, militants of the “Islamic state”, as well as the armed forces of the Russian Federation, USA, Iran and Turkey. In the conflict, Turkey has provided military support to the Syrian opposition, and Russia – government forces.

The Turkish military are in Idlib, the last of the Syrian province, which is partially controlled by the opposition, in the framework of the signed in 2017, agreement on areas of de-escalation in Syria.

27 Feb 2020 as a result of the attack on Idlib killed 33 Turkish soldiers, 36 were wounded. The Governor adjacent to the border of Syria to the Turkish province of Hatay Rahmi Dogan said that the air strike caused “the troops of the Syrian regime”.

In the Russian defense Ministry said that the Turkish soldiers “were in combat formations of terrorist groups,” and denied his involvement in the strike. The Ministry of defence of Turkey replied that the Russians before the attack knew about the location of Turkish troops in Idlib, and that the area was not armed factions of the Syrian opposition.

In response, the Turkish military launched about 200 attacks on positions of forces of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad in different regions of the country, killing 329 Syrian soldiers. The Syrian side reported no casualties.