Assist Malinowski brought to the “Atalanta” on the third place in the table: video

Ассист Малиновского вывел "Аталанту" на третье место в таблице: видео

Ассист Малиновского вывел "Аталанту" на третье место в таблице: видео

Ukrainian midfielder Ruslan Malinowski scored a good action in the match against Sampdoria. The Ukrainian gave an assist, which helped the “Atalanta” to win the meeting.

In the match of the 31st round of Serie A “Atalanta” Malinowski took home “Atalanta”, writes the channel 24.

Successful actions of the Ukrainian

During the first half none of the teams failed to come forward in the account.

The first goal the fans were able to see as much as 75 minutes. Ukrainian Ruslan Malinovskiy made an accurate pass from the corner to the head of Toloa that accurately sent a ball in gate of the contender – 1:0.

Another goal Atalanta scored exactly 10 minutes. Resultant impact asset Muriela.

The referee’s final whistle fixed the score of the match – 2:0.

Thanks to the victory of the Ukrainian team climbed to third position in the table, they have 66 points. But the main competitor of “inter” will play only today, July 9, on the road against “Verona”.

Highlights of the match Atalanta – Sampdoria

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