Assistant not defended the title of world champion on biathlon: results pursuit

In Antholz (Italy) took the men’s pursuit race at the world Championships in biathlon. Ukrainian Dmitry Pidruchny, who last year became the champion in this discipline, could not repeat the achievement. In 2020, the world champion sensationally became the Frenchman Emilien Jacklin.

Race results

1. Emilien Jaklen (France)
2. Johannes Bø (Norway)
3. Alexander Loginov (Russia)

24. Pryma Artem (Ukraine)
30. Dmitry Pidruchny
41. Sergey Semenov
60. Anton Dudchenko

The fight for gold

Alexander Loginov and Quentin Fillon-Maia started the race first, because it took first and second place respectively in the sprint. After the first shooting Loginov kept the lead, and the second line rose Martin Fourcade.

Both kept the lead at the end of the second shooting. The third fled Frenchman Emilien Jacklin. For more than 30 seconds to the leaders was lost Johannes boe due to 2 penalties.

Russian Loginov with incredible speed shot out in the first standing stage and kept the lead. Jacklin shot too accurately, because the broke second place. Behind him fled BAA and Fourcade.

The climax of the race came in 4th shooting. Loginov went to the penalty loop for misses. Used be and Jaklin who played the highest award.

Norwegian BAA sensationally lost to the Frenchman and gave gold. Interestingly, last year, BAA also won a silver award. The bronze went to Loginov.

How did the Ukrainians

The best of the Ukrainians in the pursuit made by Brendan. With three penalties finished prima 24.

Dmitry Improvised that in 2019 sensationally won the pursuit race, this time couldn’t repeat the achievement.

Starting 10th, Dmitry already at the first shooting range earned 2 penalties. Three miss henchman made in standing. Assistant took 30 th place.

Sergey Semenov ran 4 lap penalty – 41 degree. Anton Dudchenko also ran 4 penalties – 60-e a place.