Asthma and COVID-19: pandemic paradoxically improved clinical results of treatment of asthma

Астма и COVID-19: пандемия парадоксально улучшила клинические результаты лечения астмы

World news focused on the consequences of COVID-19 vulnerable groups of the population. Namely, people who suffer from asthma. As a consequence, patients with asthma can be vigilant in personal hygiene and social distancing. This was stated by researchers from Rutgers University of new Jersey in an article for the Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology.

These researchers also indicate that the pandemic reinforces the commitment to the treatment of asthma.

Thus, the pandemic can paradoxically improve some clinical results of the treatment of asthma because of the improvement trigger of treatment and adherence to medication.

According to scientists, people with asthma, even those with reduced lung function did not seem to suffer from SARS-CoV-2 stronger than people without asthma.

Scientists still cannot fully explain why this is so, because while there is only limited data about this fact.

The reason may be even the fact that asthmatics have become very vigilant with personal hygiene and setdistillerparams in a pandemic, and that they are usually younger than patients with other chronic diseases.

Doctors say that asthma is associated with a much smaller number of pathological conditions otherthan chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) or cardiovascular disease (CVD).

But it should be noted that inhaled corticosteroids against asthma attacks “can reduce the virus ‘ability to infection” and to reduce the immune system, impairing the inflammatory response.

Also, researchers from Rutgers University noted that in order to give a logical answer – you need to do more research, after which it will be possible to draw conclusions why this is so.

Important is that in the main group of risk COVID-19 is still old and/or CVD, COPD, high blood pressure, people with diabetes and obesity.