Aston Martin did the bike for 7.5 million rubles

Aston Martin сделал мотоцикл за 7,5 млн рублей

Sportbike track was not the first experience of the brand in questions, far from creating cars.

The company Aston Martin, which manufactures sports cars, presented a track sportbike AMB 001. This is the first motorcycle in the history of the British brand, it was created in collaboration with the firm of Brough Superior.

Just released 100 of these bikes, the price per instance – 108 000 euros (7.6 million roubles).

The motorcycle is built around a chassis made of aluminum and titanium, the subframe are made of carbon fiber. It is made by an external panel.

Design features of plugs Fior reduce bending at sharp slowdowns and to keep the geometry.

Sportbike equipped with an engine of Brough Superior with a turbocharger.

The working volume of 997 cubic centimeters, capacity of about 180 forces.

The British brand is not the first time moving away from the topic of cars.

Before Aston Martin was involved in the creation of boats, yachts, submersibles, and even garages.