Aston Martin first gave a listen to the engine to the latest hypercar

Aston Martin впервые дал послушать мотор новейшего гиперкара

A three-liter supercharged V6 and electrodermal designed for the ambitious project Valhalla.

Aston Martin in new engine proud for a reason: this is the first motor from 1968 year, which engineers have developed completely independently. So he was given a special name. The engine has received internal marking TM01 – in honor of the engineer he’s not Marek who worked at Aston Martin in the 50-ies of the last century.

Meanwhile, the motor features not yet named. They will be announced soon along with the premiere of Valhalla itself, which is scheduled for 2022, though stated that at the time of the opening of the sales V6 will be the most powerful motor company. According to rumors, the engine will develop around 1,000 HP, but what part of them will be in the electric component, too, is still unknown.

Motor block turbo in the Vee of the block only weighs about 200 kg, and CEO Andy Palmer has called the new engine “incredibly promising.” Obviously, the development of the power unit cost the firm a considerable amount, but if Valhalla goes according to plan, Aston Martin will easily be able to cover all expenses.

Planned edition hypercar is 500 copies, and each of them, the British expect to sell at a price not less than 875 000 pounds. And that’s not the most expensive Aston Martin.