Aston Martin has shown what can their new hypercar Valkyrie

Aston Martin показал, на что способен их новый гиперкар Valkyrie

Aston Martin Valkyrie is probably one of the most anticipated hypercars of today. That was two years ago when Aston Martin decided to show a conceptual version of the model. Then it was announced that Valkyrie is the fastest car in the world that’s allowed to move on public roads.

First l????k…

Designed by Adrian Newey?

Track debut at the 2019 British Grand Prix?

It’s the new Aston Martin Valkyrie! – Formula 1 (@F1) 13 Jul 2019

This statement has become more specific, when the British automaker showed the car’s engine, which is in the back part of it. Great atmospheric Cosworth V12, which produces 1000 horsepower and may be “cool” to 11 100 revolutions per minute. Moreover, with the help of electric motors, Valkyrie develops a total of 1160 horsepower (900 Nm).

While some may be skeptical of this car, Aston Martin put an end to the doubt by organizing a public demonstration of Valkyrie racing at Silverstone in the United Kingdom. This is the first public performance hypercar in its completely serial form.

Because Valkyrie is a joint effort between Aston Martin and the racing team Red Bull Racing, hypercar wearing the livery of the body of the F1 car – black with red accents. It looks devilishly good. Driving this Valkyrie was Chris Goodwin, and he later said that the trip was “extremely special.”

At the moment, Aston Martin continues to honour its pledge to produce only 150 units of the hypercar at a price of $ 3.2 million each.

Aston Martin показал, на что способен их новый гиперкар Valkyrie