Aston Martin is testing a 180-horsepower sportbike (VIDEO)

Aston Martin тестирует 180-сильный спортбайк (ВИДЕО)

Aston Martin and British motorcycle brand Brough Superior announced that their joint creation, sportbike AMB 001, began a comprehensive testing program.

A test mule out on the trail Arnaud in France for testing chassis. In parallel with this, going to bench test the motors. The bike needs to get into production in the fall of 2020.

Technical features yet opened at the minimum. It is known that AMB 001 has the original aluminum frame, the ridge of which “stitches” carbon tank and seat.

Engine – turbocharged V-twin with a compact intercooler that develops 180 HP Aston Martin has invested in the project knowledge in the construction of sports cars, and Brough Superior introduced a pure motorcycle technology.

Brough Superior is a British brand that produced motorcycles and cars, she drove the story from 1919, lasted until 1940, and was revived a few years ago. Now in the lineup for three serial motorcycle, and AMB 001 is stated as the fourth. Most likely, it was under the brand Brough Superior bike will be made, and Aston Martin will be a branding model.

Apparently, a lot of the motorcycle will be racing and it is reported that he “created for the racetrack”.

In any case, AMB 001 will be a rare collectible – the Brough Superior factory in Toulouse (France) will release only 100 copies at a price of 108 000 euros each. First customers will receive the bikes at the end of 2020.