Aston Martin may die

Aston Martin может умереть

Recent financing Aston Martin by a consortium led by billionaire Lawrence Strolla may not be sufficient due to the spread of the coronavirus

Canadian businessman and co-owner of Formula 1 team Lawrence Stroll has invested in Aston Martin 658 million dollars the received means the British were planning to send at improving liquidity and business development. However, according to the publication Automotive News Europe referring to own sources, Aston Martin may not be enough recent investment due to the significantly increasing and non-quantifiable uncertainty caused by the pandemic coronavirus infection. According to the British, the problems arising from the ongoing crisis, do not yet allow to determine the worst-case scenario, however, the company’s shares fell another 9.3 percent.

From the beginning, the value of the shares of Aston Martin fell by 60 percent and now it’s at 89 percent lower than it was when the company first went public in 2018. Recent funding was to be sufficient to cope with current problems, but also caused by a coronavirus, the global crisis put an end to this hope: the British again, not enough working capital. The pandemic will have to reschedule and scheduled for summer deliveries of the Aston Martin DBX crossover, which the company had great plans.