Aston Martin unveiled the Vantage AMR

Aston Martin представил Vantage AMR

On the eve of the penultimate stage of superstone World Endurance Championship in which the team Aston Martin Racing stands in the new Vantage GTE, the presentation of a civic coupe of the same family – AMR Vantage. Still cars the new sub-brand, such as DB11 AMR and AMR Rapide was more powerful than the basic models, but the latest “Aston” – different case.

As standard the Vantage of a new generation, got in the pipeline a year ago, the 4.0-litre V8 AMR Vantage puts out 510 HP moreover, the maximum thrust was reduced to 60 Nm to 625 Nm. Instead vosmidiapazonnoy automatic engine development Mercedes-AMG is now combined with the seven-speed mechanics. According to the President and the General Director “Aston” Andy Palmer, production version of the “handle” is the fulfillment of the promise that he made to customers of the brand when he took office.

At the same maximum speed of 314 km/h Vantage AMR significantly lost in dynamics compared to the usual Vantage: the first hundred m / t model is gaining by 0.3 seconds – just four seconds. The “dry” weight supercar decreased from 1530 to 1499 kg, including the expense of carbon-ceramic brakes, which at AMR models are already included as standard.

Aston Martin will build only 200 Vantage AMR at a price of 184 995 euros. With 59 cars of this edition will receive a special performance in honor of the anniversary of the victory in the Le Mans – similar to DBS 59. 59 Vantage cost will be 25 thousand euros more expensive. Next year, the same seven-speed mechanics will be optionally available for regular Aston Martin Vantage, which machine is estimated at 154 000 euros.