Aston Martin will replace the V8 from the AMG private V6 with electric motor

Aston Martin заменит V8 от AMG собственным V6 с электроприводом

The first new engine will get “Valhalla”.

Gradual refusal of the Mercedes-Benz V8 engines will inevitably impact on its partner is Aston Martin. In accordance with the agreement, from 2013, the British used the German “turbosmart” in their models Vantage, DB11 and DBX, but already thinking about replacement.

As stated by CEO Andy Palmer in an interview with Car and Driver, four-cylinder, the “Aston” will not be, but given the direction in which the developing technology of Mercedes-Benz, to develop a new engine Marche have their own. It will be a V6, and it will be part of a hybrid power plant, comparable in impact and sound of “eight”.

Details were not disclosed, but according to previous reports, the first new V6 with electric appendage will get supercar Valhalla – the younger brother of “Valkyrie”, which will be produced in 2022. New mid-engined model with a carbon fiber body will release 500 copies. About the same time there will be more available Vanquish, which will provide the same “six”, but without auxiliary motor.

However, Aston Martin is not yet ready to be V12 of its own design – it would be used for a few years, the production will transfer from Cologne to the UK.