Astrologer: Spring – finest hour for Zelensky

Астролог: Весна - звездный час для Зеленского

The stars will promote a large scale fraud on March 31, says astrologer

As a symbol of March will be fake, false information and false reality will accompany the Ukraine throughout the month, says the astrologer Vlad Ross, it quotes “UNIAN”.

“On election day – March 31 – you can expect a riot of fraud, of fog and deception in the elections. The result is that the result of the first round of the elections may shock the Ukrainians – it will be fantastic. The result will show, just surprised because the ratings of candidates who have shown sociological company until March 31, will be radically different from a picture which will show you elections,” he said in comments “Glavred”.

According to the astrologer, planets March 31, will contribute so large-scale electoral fraud, which only you can imagine.

“Compound of mercury with Neptune right in front of number 31 says that the biggest fakes and false information will eject into the information space before the vote. For the President is good, honest way because he did not win. Besides, when the Sun is in Aries, people are not guided by reason, but by feelings and emotions, because most people will make impulsive decisions. In the end, at the last moment, suddenly people can not vote for the person for whom going”, he added.

Talking about who has more chance of becoming President, Ross noted that the best of stars on 31 March in the horoscope of Vladimir Zelensky.

“Zelensky is generally “finest hour” for the entire spring, he has to take in March and in April. Poroshenko stars will contribute to the fraud. A little worse, what Poroshenko and Zelensky, stars in horoscope of the day Tymoshenko”, – said the astrologer.

Ross added that whoever became President, on March 31 Ukraine will be the beginning of a great change.

“March 8 Uranium entered the zodiacal sign Taurus, this began a period of transformation in our country, which will last seven years. Will fundamentally change the power structure, and radically change the economic strategy of the country, there is a fundamentally new direction vectors of the state. Ukraine has a great chance to change leaders after the entry of Uranus in Taurus, and with the change of leaders will begin the visible changes in our country, in particular, corruption will gradually be destroyed,” – said the expert.

As for the possibility of unrest, clashes in the Ukrainian cities on election day, as well as the escalation in the Donbas, according to Ross, they should not be expected.

“March 31 will be a fairly quiet day. This is the day of the Turtle according to the lunar calendar. Therefore, exacerbations, most likely, will not. On the contrary, it will be the most quiet days”, – he concluded.

Астролог: Весна - звездный час для Зеленского

Астролог: Весна - звездный час для Зеленского