Astrologers drew up a horoscope from 27 may to 2 June

Астрологи составили гороскоп с 27 мая по 2 июня

Regardless of what the forecast for a particular period, do not forget to use incantations from troubles and problems. They will help to survive the turmoil in any sphere of life, and avoid new trouble. In General, this week will be extremely positive for almost all Characters, so you should save yourself from unnecessary emotions.


The Rams will be fine with the emotional background, so you can engage in any business in any of the days. The stars will give these people patience, foresight and calm. Astrologers say that you can do anything, going head first into love, or giving preference to job duties. Moderate and also important purchases you can make in any given day.

Great success awaits the Rams in terms of communication with people. 28, 29, 30 may and on 1 and 2 June Pluto will contribute to the creation of new connections. It will be a bright day that there is a chance to meet someone interesting. Lonely Aries it must be palatable because there’s no better time to find a second half. Monday is a difficult day, so it is better to take the advice of psychics about how to start a new week.


This week will be bright and positive. Stars and planets will be in a very good position relative to each other, so the life of Taurus will sparkle with all the colors. Every day will be different and not like the others. The reason are small, but important changes in the mood of the stars. The most auspicious day – Friday: last day of spring Calves will open new secrets that will help these people to understand what they really want from life.

Weekend to spend with family or friends. You can go to a joint trip to visit another city or even country. Useful are this week buying, a change of scenery. Don’t forget about helping others. This will significantly increase the authority of the Taurus.


This week the Twins will be four bright and productive day. We are talking about 29, 30, 31 may and 1 June. The other three will also be good and productive, but in these four it is better not to sit idle. Will need to set goals, to start a new life, the path to new victories and new heights. In these seven days, the Twins may change the guidelines, which will affect their belief in themselves and finding motivation.

This time shift energy flow, so representatives of this sign will need to set yourself up for global update. Internal changes to better support foreign – you need to update your wardrobe, change your hairstyle. Experts of the website suggest to be generous and give the second half more freedom.

The most favorable days of the week for cancerians will be Friday, Saturday and Sunday. These days they will visit a great success, which will be able to resolve long-standing problems and to get closer to the dream. The world will be transformed for Cancers, but mid-week you may experience some hitches. Digital charms for luck, love and money will have a positive impact on the lives of these people, allowing you to bypass all the obstacles without additional energy consumption.

Cancers will be a new desire, they will be able to put new goals and gain inspiration. All the good you have to share. The universe wants to see in the hands of generosity and kindness, the ability to come to the aid of family and friends. For many people Cancers will become the lucky mascot.

Intellectual ability in Lviv will increase dramatically. This will be the most productive period of time over the last couple of months. It can be devoted to learning, acquire knowledge. But apathy and stereotypical thinking can hurt and in tasks that require creativity, and in deeds of love. It is time of bright deeds and bold steps to offer his hand and heart, to admit feelings, to meet with those who love.

If money will not carry, and now it will be a direct indication that before the Lions are false or incorrect goal. Three ways to get rid of financial problems will be very useful, but even better to stop listening to the advice of others. The lions committed their powerful intuition, which you should not ignore.


Energy Dev at the end of may – beginning of June will be very powerful. These people will be able to see the world in a new way, to plunge into new things and experience new emotions. The astrologers advise them to be as close as possible to friends and relatives, sharing their warmth, smiles and always be ready to help. Positive mood and optimism will help Virgos to win anyone’s heart. This means that single representatives of this Sign will be able to find love.

Positive mood of the stars and planets can help Virgins get rid of negative programs and doubt. Also useful in this respect are meditation. Anyway, this week astrologers advise Virgos to stop doubting yourself. If you want to throw some thing halfway to success, you need to remember which way was already done. Now you can not give up. You need to keep your course and seek to introspection, not soul-searching and uncertainty.


Libras this week are lucky, the problem will only be in a small mood swings 29 and may 31. In these two days astrologists suggest Libras do not go anybody’s way, not to risk and not to change plans for the day. Better to deal with those cases that are less energy consuming.

Other days will be stable and predictable. During working hours you can do any undertaking, ranging from the most urgent and ending custom. The planet will improve the sense of humor scale, and strengthen intuition. This will help them to appeal to anyone, make the best impression on any stranger.


Scorpios will have to deal with negative emotions on Monday and Friday but other days are positive he will descend into their lives, pushing all the bad. The activity of the planets from the 28th-30th and on the weekends will help them in the fight against the enemies and ill-wishers, and the struggle against sadness, uncertainty, fears and complexes. Useful in dealing with the negativity are three simple practices.

Luck is on the side of the Scorpions, but that doesn’t mean you need to risk. Astrologers say that the possible disruption of plans due to ill-conceived actions, so it is better to spend a little more time to develop the plan “B”. The support of the planets will be expressed in emotional stability and the desire of loved ones to assist the Scorpions.


Archers are the most powerful signs of the Zodiac. Their power has a large margin of safety, and this week the stars will sharpen their sixth sense, will bring luck in love and in business. There may be some troubles, but they will not be determining.

Astrologers suggest archers to look for friends and other halves. Those who have long stays in the relationship, it is better not to stay alone for a long time. Astrologers have noted an urgent need in communication and in solving common problems. Regarding mood and health, in this direction it is better to move in the direction of creation. No need to spend your strength in vain, to interfere in the conflicts and fiercely defend their point of view. Also, do not spend too much time – everyone needs rest.


Capricorns have a regular week. Stars and planets will be in a pretty good position. Astrologers advise to avoid rebellious behavior, try not to cross boundaries in dealing with people. A quarrel now useless. Though preconditions to scandals is not, it is better not to risk once again, defending their opinions.

Flexibility will help Capricorn to keep the friendship, love and respect. The nervous system tests for strength are not expected, so these seven days can be devoted to solving the most difficult problems. Strong charms for luck will help to overcome the difficulties with minimum expenditure of energy.


On the weekends astrologers advise Aquarians to do household chores and disengage from work, from turmoil in the financial and business sector. Also on the weekend you can head out of town for a change. Spending needs are moderate, so a change should not result in a tidy sum. The easiest way to be distracted from the work will be cleaning. You can do a permutation of furniture, getting rid of clutter.

Love can escalate and to give themselves negative attitudes, but this should not cause failures. Lonely Aquarius is to show courage, and those who are already in relationships, it’s time to think about romance, making the second half a nice surprise. Aquarians will be able to Express a subtle sensuality that they are not peculiar. It will breathe new life into a long-term relationship.


Pisces this week will bring great success. Each day the planets and stars are creative and bring a positive mood. This time, good luck and bright emotions. To ease the path to success, the Fish is recommended to be rid of resentment, anger and negativity. All much better to leave behind.

The important issues of the Fish will help the inspiration and creativity. This applies to purchases and work. This is a great time to find new Hobbies and new sources of income. Most are lucky representatives of those professions which are related to communication. Will have to show flexibility towards customers, colleagues and potential partners.