Astrologers have calculated the names of the most faithful men

Астрологи вычислили имена самых верных мужчин

Astrologers name 5 male names, the holders of which loyal men or monogamous for life. For example, common today, men’s name Vladimir, translated from the Latin “master of the world”. Such men are peaceable, sociable, as a rule, conflictual. Always defend their point of view, but wisely and tactfully.

Equally well-known name Boris. A man by that name relies only on their strength, does not like to ask for help from strangers or relatives. Not always listens to opinion of others, insists largely on his own, and also that much important carefully chooses his friends and acquaintances, profession, wife.

Women pay attention to these men because of their strength, confidence and individuality. Men under the name Boris not windy they once and for all choose a companion for life, and cherish these relationships never change its second half.

The man who was named at birth George, life will achieve a lot. Note that he is sociable, open to others, but for their personal lives does not like to converse with strangers or at work.

Knows how to present herself in the right light, makes so many friends and acquaintances. Carefully weigh the “pros” and “cons” before making important decisions, and the same approach to choosing a future wife.

A guy named Timur is the soul of the company, the leader in the team. Always knows the right approach to people, not a brawler, a great family man. Will be treated with respect for the relatives of his wife. Marriage carries his wife on his hands. A good father for children, the breadwinner in the family.

So in the end, I want to mention men with the name Constantine. They are looking for in women the thriftiness, and kindness and gentleness. Carefully choose a wife, and once married, proud of their status. For children become the object of imitation. Never change.