Astrologers suggested to reveal sexuality depending on the sign of the Zodiac

Астрологи подсказали, как раскрыть сексуальность в зависимости от знака Зодиака

Summer often inspires us to new romantic. How different Zodiac signs to reinforce their own sexual attractiveness, will tell a professional Russian astrologer Inna Lyubimov.


Aries under the influence of Mars, the planet of activity, determination and drive, just wish summer was a rousing. But you should not rely on your passion and curiosity in the drafting of the closet, do not try to update it completely. And not to get bored, experiment with accessories. For example, pay attention to fashion this season hair pins.


Dear Taurus, your managing planet Venus requires you to taste and aesthetic beauty in everything. Treat the change of style with the same trepidation with which treat sex. Light and delicate accents with the help of shawls, stoles, fancy hats – that’s what you should pay attention.


I’m sure that mercury pushes the Twins to move, communicate, satisfy the curiosity in all. And you take the time to plunge into the whirlpool of Dating and adventure. To be the center of attention and radiate sexual energy, experiment with sports style. It will highlight your slender figure and draw attention to it.

The managing planet for cancer is Moon. It determines the emotion, sincerity and shyness representatives of the sign. Bright closet is the first step to loudly tell the world about yourself and your potential. Fashion coral color will emphasize your sexuality and confidence in themselves. More attention and prospects in a personal relationship you provided.

Lions Shine, because their control of the planet is the Sun. Your brightness, openness and individuality is defined this planet from birth. Not surprisingly, the Lioness used to close views in any company! This season, pay special attention to feminine accessories that will make your Regal look a bit softer.


Administering Virgins planet is mercury, so despite the external restraint, their desire for constant movement and communication are great. The color of the clothes must be more hidden from prying eyes temperament, to give freedom to the movements and to highlight the attractive sides. And do not abandon your favorite time-tested things. Enjoy yourself without any hesitation!


Venus requires the Weights to give more attention to appearance and bolder to show your style, taste and personality. Go in search of “your” accessories to the departments of jewelry. This spring, deserve special attention bracelets, earrings, necklaces and belts of the major chains. And, of course, impeccable manicure and sexy lingerie!


Scorpions under the influence of its ruling planet Pluto – powerful and passionate – confident in their abilities. Every minute you are ready to place the trap and lure in the network: thanks to the almost innate ability to look sexy and elegant. As if especially for you in a fashion back coloured skin! Bright leather skirt guarantees the right attitude for this season. Success with the opposite sex, you are guaranteed.


Jupiter defines the openness, good nature and irrepressible energy of Sagittarius. So fashionable this season “varenkov”, returning from the 80s – that you need. Start denim retro-collection, and soon you’ll have a trendy denim total look for the bright visits and unexpected sexual adventures. In it you will feel easy winner Amazon.


Capricorn ruled by Saturn, which requires restraint and a strong desire for success. So the desire of Capricorn to be in trend and height supported by the stars. Note the fashionable skirt complex cut combined with high heel. They’ll lock you into the image of an elegant, bold and resolute girl. And you know what a volcano of passion and daring deeds may lurk behind your external restraint!


The ruler of Aquarius, Uranus requires diversity and always ready for a revolutionary change. A revision of their outfits, and despite the natural adventure, take a course on win-win classic. But not saccocia – use in fashion shades and accessories. You can choose unconventional decisions in sexual partnership and in life – with your creativity you make up for any imperfection.


From the Fish they management the planet Neptune requires of sensuality and emotion. Therefore, your task – to update your wardrobe by adding glamour and style to your traditionally soft romantic look. To put this more clearly energetic accents. Step away from your favorite pastel colors and smooth lines. Note the feminine, but bright and stylish accessories. This will help in harmony and in new ways to unfold your sexuality.