Astronaut has done an amazing photo of Aurora from space

Астронавтка сделала удивительное фото полярного сияния из космоса

NASA astronaut Christina Koch, who is now aboard the International space station made a very spectacular shot of the Aurora from space.

This is a photo she posted on Twitter.

“A few years ago, at the South pole, I was looking at the Aurora in search of inspiration for a six-month winter night. Now I know that it’s just as inspiring from the top,” commented a photo of astronaut.

What is the Aurora?The illumination of individual sections of the sky at night that is rapidly changing. This phenomenon is most often observed in spring and autumn. It is interesting that the Northern lights may be accompanied by more and powstawania or light cod.

It appears in the result of collision of the charged particles of the solar wind with the upper layers of Earth’s atmosphere.

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