Astronomers explained the signal from outer space a birth of anomalous object

Астрономы объяснили сигнал из космоса рождением аномального объекта

Astronomers from the University of Arkansas detected a flare of x-ray radiation in the galaxy, which is located at a distance of 6.5 billion light years from Earth. As reported the outbreak was the result of the merger of two neutron stars, which formed the Magnetar.

Neutron stars result from the collapse of a star massive enough to form supernovae, but not enough for the emergence of a massive black hole. When two neutron stars merge, they form a Magnetar – a neutron star with a strong magnetic field.

In the study, researchers analyzed data collected x-ray telescope “Chandra”. They managed to fix the flash in the galaxy at a distance of 6.5 billion light years from Earth. The characteristics of the transient (changing the brightness of the object) were consistent with those observed in the merger of neutron stars, generating gravitational waves and gamma rays.

With observations of this event, scientists were able to learn that mergers like this happen 20 times a year in outer space with a volume of one billion cubic light years.