Astronomers have made a detailed female horoscope from 4 to 10 February

Астрологи составили подробный женский гороскоп с 4 по 10 февраля

According to the forecast of the astrologers, the representatives of the different Signs of the Zodiac will be a great week for self-development. It is advisable to join without delay: from Monday to Saturday the Sun and mercury will be in Aquarius, giving everyone the ability to seek new opportunities, to open new ways to reach the goal. This week many will go ahead because the energy of the planets is enormous. Moreover, the presence of the Sun and mercury in Aquarius will make people more sociable and receptive.

Aries Woman

Due to the positive influence of Mars women Rams will truly splendid week. At this time, they will be able to find “the” person: a kindred spirit, mentor or friend.

The entire week is marked by positive energy background. From Monday to Sunday female rams, you can do anything you want: any initiative will be successful and will bring tangible benefits. In addition, the presence of Mars in Aries will allow their wards to better understand the motives of others, to influence their decisions and not charge them with negativity. From trouble and bad thoughts will help to rid the advice of psychics.

Taurus Woman

Astrologers recommend female Calves to Wake up from hibernation – a time to relax and watch from the sidelines has passed. On the agenda of the week – influence of Sun and mercury residing in the Sign of Aquarius. Astrological data trends indicate that the prospects and desires of Taurus will be realistic as ever. It is advisable to act in their own interests and to implement the boldest plans.

Week can be very vivid and memorable. Look for like-minded people and to translate ideas are the main tasks of the representatives of this Sign. A pleasant experience will point the way to success and career advancement. Taurus will help their charm, charisma, powers of persuasion and, of course, intuition.


Astrologers pointed out two areas in which women could make substantial progress this week: work and relationship with the beloved man. If we consider the working sphere, mercury in Aquarius until Sunday, will facilitate the implementation of plans. This is the best time to move from words to deeds.

Another important point – activation of the antagonist. The sun will experience Twins on strength on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. These days it’s hard for them to resist a stranger with charm, care, influence. But on this background will increase affection for the partner. The twins will be a success if they get wise and give vent to their charm. You can count on the attention of any men, especially if ties you unusual hobby or a similar worldview.


Excessive emotionality, which will cause the new Moon is February 5, may do a disservice Cancers. Subsequently, representatives of this Sign may regret his impulsiveness, because now they have a perfect opportunity to change your life. Improve mood will help relaxation treatments and meditation practices for women.

From 6 to 8 February, the Moon will be in Pisces, alternately engaging in various aspects with the other planets. This behavior of the patron Saint will help Cancers to find a way out of the most difficult and complicated situations. The main thing – time to connect the intuition and not be afraid of initiatives.

The Female Lion

This week the Lioness can not only find new friends, but to find the key to the heart interested in men. Also astrologers report that the influence of the Sun in Aquarius will finally move quarry business off the ground, and after about a month you can enjoy the long-awaited results.

Special attention should be paid to the Monday, Wednesday and Friday. These days the Sun will enter into several aspects: first, with Neptune and Saturn, then Uranus, and finally Jupiter. The site recommend to dedicate the time to the most important cases which have long not give to relax and enjoy life. The energy of the planets 4, 6 and 8 February will be extremely favourable, so that we can start something new and not be afraid to lose. To change lives for the better will be real as never.


Women Virgins will be able to keep a perfect balance between home and work. This will improve the mood and atmosphere at home and at work. Astrologers report that in such circumstances, the Virgo will be able to literally move mountains and alter many things. Will remain and mercury: patron will ensure good luck and success.

However, Virgos are it is advisable to hurry and get done all the most important to 10 February. Alas, Sunday will be a sharp change of energy patron: mercury will leave the constellation of Aquarius, moving into Pisces, where he will lose all his strength. On this day, Maidens should not plan anything new. The General atmosphere of the day, but change can backfire.

The Woman-Libra

Weapons women’s Weights this week charisma. Negotiation can be successful, as well as new acquaintances, romantic dates and meetings with friends. So astrologers recommend perch with the head in communication and networking.

As already mentioned, the mercury this week will be in a favorable position, and these trends are positive effect on energy, mood and luck Scales. Love, negotiations and matters they should to wait success. It is a very productive week for business activity, self-development, informal communication, romantic gestures, finding your purpose, expand its influence and authority. Libra is recommended to prioritize, not only this week but for the next few months in General.

Scorpion Woman

The influence of the antagonist-the moon will make the representatives of the sign of Scorpio to be distracted from new projects and implementation of plans to turn its attention to household chores or hassle associated with a husband or children. Astrologers report that in these areas the long overdue change that this week will require special attention. The week will also be very good to find new sources of income and employment.

Of the dangers of the period should be mentioned impulsivity, which may increase 5, 6, 7 and 8 February. At this time the Moon will be at the peak of their activity, which necessarily will affect the mood and Outlook of female Scorpions. Love the harmony could be threatened. Even the strongest relationships can be broken when negative Moon will be strong enough. Meditation technique to strengthen the love will help to stabilize energy and neutralize negative flows.

The Woman-Sagittarius

Since February life women archers will begin to change rapidly. To get closer to the dream, the astrologers suggest to find time to work on yourself and think in a positive way. Basic techniques of materialization of thoughts can bring the greatest success. The power of the Sun, coupled with the power of mercury will increase the charm of Musketeers, would exacerbate the desire to improve intuition.

Best days horoscope – Monday, Wednesday and Friday. At this time loved ones can forgive women archers all: the disadvantages of high maintenance, whims, laziness and inflated egos. This is a great days for appointments, shopping, care about appearance and comfort, business, learning. Typically female leverage – beauty, style, kindness and care – to be effective in building a harmonious and warm relations.

The Woman-Capricorn

Universe warns Capricorn: it’s time to bring to life all the dreams, especially the plans to increase the earnings and education of children. In critical moments you should look for a companion, but even the mistakes this week will benefit, allowing you to gain valuable experience.

Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday activity of mercury will go overboard, which can lead to strained relations with the partner. Astrologers recommend not to go to extremes, not to give myself empty promises and not to go to questionable risks and concessions. A deep sense of respect for themselves and their desires will enable Capricorn to take precedence over the negative impact of the partner and to stop a toxic relationship.

Aquarius Woman

The sun and mercury this week comfortable in the Sign of Aquarius and, therefore, representatives of this Sign have nothing to worry about. The influence of the planets will create comfortable conditions for success and personal goals. Now even the most shy and reticent female Aquarius will not be difficult to tie the best experience, to persuade, to conquer or to convince the interlocutor.

Week is favorable for public speaking, meetings, finding a spouse, negotiations with the authorities. To luck suddenly walked side of Aquarius, astrologers suggest to be active and initiative, not passive.

The Woman-Fish

Representatives of the Sign of Pisces is perhaps the one will bypass the positive influence of Sun and mercury. This week astrologers recommend the Fish to be less active, to pay attention to the programming your thinking for success. It is also advisable to go into the family business, to explore their own weaknesses and shortcomings. To Mar Fish it is important to finish and fix all what is needed.

Good news – this week in Fish will increase intuition. Astrologers suggest to listen to the sixth sense, rejecting the advice of others. The most successful days 5, 7 and 9 February. The fish will be able to break from routine obligations and terminate all the important things scheduled for this week.