Astronomers have made a humorous horoscope for the year 2020

Астрологи составили шуточный гороскоп на 2020 год

Each Zodiac sign has their own sense of humor. It is very important to develop, right to overcome any adversity much easier. Better to laugh at problems so that they themselves would part before you. So arm yourself with optimism, take a deep breath and open the door to the new world in the year 2020.


Motto: “Sir, charge your gun, I challenge you to a duel. Only later, okay?”.

2020 for Aries will not be the easiest because almost from the beginning the stars and planets will try to make these people aggressive and a bit lazy at the same time. Of course, to go on about them is not worth it, because it can scare all your friends and colleagues who, by the way, can help the rams from time to time. Attitude to the problems the Rams will be simple. If everything is resolved – so you can sleep peacefully. If not solved, will help to sleep meditation for a good night’s sleep.


Motto: “I don’t know what’s going on. Need someone to yell at, and then look”.

Taureans will be very hot-tempered, but it is hard not to love, because they are generally very sweet and kind. Their outbursts of emotion pass quickly, and still lives with them sometimes be like a minefield. In business Taurus will help the search for new motivation, and love to attract good luck will help only dance with a tambourine, then there are special ceremonies.


Motto: “Oh, 2020. And more recently, only 2010 was.”

The twins will be living in the past more than the future. They will remember how life was before, how cool and easy it was to travel and communicate. Not like now, when all around are closed and incomprehensible. In short, the Twins need a shake-up, not to forget about the future. To establish harmony, to enhance the mood and bring good luck help rearrange the furniture in the house and change the situation.

Motto: “At work the end of the world, and I don’t care – what matters is that the house was all right.”

A favorite pastime of Cancers in 2020 there will be complaints of others, but astrologers suggest these people to focus on personal Affairs, which can accumulate the car and small truck. The use of mascots Feng Shui will help Cancers to establish a home and a good energy and to get success in work. These people will be incredulous, but for the sake of family and friends can go on feats, even if they close they never asked for it.

Motto: “I’m on earth all the sweeter and sweeter and sweeter”.

The lions are fixated on their appearance that is good for love Affairs. In love these people will become real lucky because they will be able to gain incredible self-confidence. Dating horoscope will help to know how the rest of a new relationship. It will be a very productive year in the work. The important thing now is for the lions – do not rush, and think carefully about plans for the future.


Motto: “I do not cry the Blues, I appreciate the gravity of the situation.”

A favorite pastime of the Maidens in the beginning of 2020 can become depressed. They need someone who will be able to pity, to caress, to Pat on the head, to take the pen. The one who will be the first in the future know the power of love and respect for Dev. These people never forget to return good for good. Importantly, in the way did not come across toxic people and energy vampires. With the Virgins as with the Bank – a significant investment pays dividends.


Motto: “a benefit will go for a walk? No? Tell her I want to extract”.

Scales can be quite greedy, but purposeful in 2020. It will be the perfect year for shopping sales, finding a new job. The most important aspect in achieving success will be in a good mood. If you suddenly find that come the problem, you can use the plots and whispers good luck. As for love field, it is better to be altruistic. Generosity and kindness will help to conquer any heart.


Motto: “You do, and you help him. And I’ll sit and watch”.

Scorpion heads anywhere, but in order to solve some problem – then I’m sorry. To delegate tasks they in 2020 will be much, but ask them about something others shouldn’t. Astrologers suggest to pay more attention to the feelings of loved ones, colleagues and friends, often to listen to his heart and to learn to understand the signs of the Universe.


Motto: “stop Bothering me. I’m trying to make idleness a great cause.”

Sagittarius would be truly happy if the work will do itself, the kids themselves start to go to kindergarten, and the second half will appear by itself. Their dream in part can be resolved with the help of following energy laws of success, but still have to make some effort to ensure that the lives were more pleasant. People of this sign will need someone who can get them to be active.


Motto: “Do as you think fit. I have no delusions of grandeur, pathetic little people”.

Easier to move than to force the Capricorn to change his mind. With these people in 2020 will be very difficult to find a common language, which, however, is a feature of each year. Representatives of this sign need to clear your aura, to close relatives and still managed to get to them. Astrologers suggest to focus on finding friends and a mate, and to be a little bit easier.


Motto: “of Course I love you the most. Well, after money.”

Finance for Aquarius can sing songs, but it will not destroy their faith in themselves. This is the most motivated people 2020. They are often referred to the most charming signs, but they are without astrology I know that is incredibly beautiful, smart and talented. The success is sometimes the effect really very good, but sometimes you need to come down from heaven to earth, not to lose friends and associates.


Motto: “I from grandmother left, I from the grandfather left. And you go from”

Fish wants 2020 to be held in solitude, alone with their problems, goals and desire to relax. It will benefit those who puts a priority on financial success. For those who have family and other half, better in the solitude not to hit for obvious reasons. Heal yourself from negativity and the desire to isolate the Fish, a special mantra.