Astronomers have made health horoscope for March 19

Астрологи составили гороскоп здоровья по 19 марта

Astrologist Lyudmila Snitkovsky made health horoscope from 13 to 19 March. According to her, the weekend remains the possibility that recent disease will return. Under the threat of the gastrointestinal tract, liver, immune and cardiovascular system. Perhaps the manifestation of conjunctivitis. It is not an independent disease, and undertreated before. The body rallied and again trying to get rid of illnesses.

Aries Possible muscle pain and eye problems. Take treatment seriously because the disease can become chronic.

Taurus is Weak but protracted inflammation, provoked by a stressful situation.

Gemini Inflammation of the respiratory system can return. Use drugs, sparing the liver and better than a lot of heat and hot teas.

Aktiviziruyutsya all chronic diseases. The main reason is the cold.

Support immune system, liver, diaphragm and lungs. Try yogic breathing practices.

Virgin Continue to follow their procedures, even if you feel that nothing helps. The result will be visible in early April.

Libra Discomfort from minor pain and backache in the lumbar region. Is the kidney and blood vessels. May appear rash on the skin.

Scorpio Unstable condition: sickness and fatigue, work and health. Keep yourself a vitamin complex.

Sagittarius Limiting the discomfort comes from the stress state of the liver. Poorly purifies the blood and not enough force to seriously deal with them.

Capricorn Good health all the days except Saturday. Just relax and drink more hot teas.

Aquarius the Tone of living has dropped, but it is not a disease. Feet of possible muscle cramps.

Fish Come seriously to his condition. Unhealthy liver and weak immune system require action.