Astronomers have made the female horoscope from 10 to 16 June

Астрологи составили женский гороскоп с 10 по 16 июня

The upcoming week will be filled with a variety of aspects and connections of the heavenly bodies and constellations. The sun continues to destructive degrees Gemini, so it’s time to strengthen your energy. This can be done through the power of 5 elements. Try to spend these 7 days with maximum benefit, as soon the configuration of the planets will change, that opens completely new opportunities in different spheres of life.

Aries Woman

Of the representatives of Aries planned a successful week, after all the negative Venus did not show, whereas Sun, Mars and Jupiter are quite active and are attracted to Aries the right people and opportunities. However, simply supporting yourself afloat, you can fall into the trap of circumstances, so you should engage in global projects and think big, now is not the time for trifles. Aries puts not to think about how to arrange everything, do not hesitate to personal gain to the end of the month to become more successful.

Taurus Woman

Women Bulls continued period, when the stars are supportive of him this week their effect will be on top, and the words and decisions will gain weight. If you want to impress the boss, get a promotion or winning the jackpot in a whole week. However, actively pursuing a routine, you need to leave power and for the weekend, not to fight the following week with a loss of strength. The negative effects of debilitated Venus in Gemini 13 June 15 may give an unexpected effect when luck is bad, but the UPS – fall. In these dates it is better to refrain from important decisions.


The sun is in the Sign of Gemini is not the best way, and on Monday and Tuesday on the background of the aspects it will be even more uncomfortable. For this reason astrologers advise women-Twins to be more careful in cases in which they play the role of first violin. Showing levity, where appropriate seriousness, it is possible to take the position. This week, strict adherence to the plans a priority. The only way to come to success.


Astrologers suggest women Cancers to delay crucial decisions. Mars and mercury will converge in their Sign, came into conflict with the heavy planets. This can cause serious problems and personal experiences, so that Cancers will not be to the outside world. But even the analysis of internal problems, it is desirable to do consciously. Cancers will benefit those who decide to work on yourself and get rid of unnecessary anxiety. But women keen on self-criticism, good luck will smile as empty with doubt and self-blame will change lives for the better.

The Female Lion

In life of representatives of the Lion will be pretty good. But there will be vulnerabilities – envious, forgotten things, or annoying bugs that you miss in the hectic days. Monday, Friday and Sunday patron-Jupiter come into conflict with the other planets. In some cases, will require improvisation and caution. This will help avoid missed opportunities and not get lost in the main. Not to get into an awkward position, is suggest to develop the habit of regularly to fulfill the promises and responsibilities.


The position of mercury in Cancer will be deprived of the strength to leap forward. This week it is best to engage in brainstorming and discussion of unsolvable problems: they will find a solution that is not only simple, but also effective. However, to rely on the advice of others should not be, because it will depend on Dev’s and their efforts. Especially not necessary to agree on what we don’t like, contradict the principles of life. Astrologers advise to listen to yourself this week and do only what feels right. If required, a public event should be postponed and to be in silence.

The Woman-Libra

Bright aspects Saturn 10, 14 and 16 June may push the Scales to the doubt where necessary rapid response. A difficult choice or the impossibility of compromise can upset the representatives of this Sign. Sorry, but situation in life can be acute – it will interfere Mars and Neptune. This week, simply to survive, not yielding to provocations of the enemies. The power of positive thinking will contribute to ensuring that all contentious and confusing situation was resolved in favor of women’s Weights.

Scorpion Woman

While all other Characters struggle with circumstances and the negative influence of the planets, beautiful Scorpions you can easily observe how things are going in their favor. Situation in life develops on the hand, however, tangible results will come later, but for now you can pay attention to energy security. If in recent months, the Scorpions faced with monetary problems or frequent quarrels, you can highlight these 7 days to clean energy.

The Woman-Sagittarius

On the horizon is clearly visible the influence of the Sun, passing degrees Gemini. Archers will be useful to vigilance in dealing with people on Monday and Tuesday when force will find aspects of the Sun to Saturn, Jupiter and Uranus. Do not trust an important instruction or valuable information for those who once had undermined the trust. It is undesirable to share personal plans with strangers: there are risks to acquire new envious or to add to itself unnecessary problems. Relying on our own strength, we can achieve much more.

The Woman-Capricorn

Activation of retro-Saturn will bring Capricorns many experiences. To rectify the situation will turn out if not to lose his own life out of control. Now it is best time to respond to proposals to be in the loop and not to delay decision-making. Procrastination can result in trouble on Monday, Friday and Sunday. These days are best spent in creative search, not focusing on problems. Astrologers offer to console themselves with women’s joys, which can be arranged independently: a trip to the Spa, trips on the nature, delicious food, crafts, hobby, theatre, exhibitions.

Aquarius Woman

Venus, the patroness of the Sign, passed their position, so the female Aquarius will have to work more than usual, to stay at work and fight for their right to stay. Astrologers suggest to prepare for unexpected obstacles where you least expect them. To avoid problems, it is better to have a backup plan for the most important cases. Fortunately, the closer to the output risks are reduced, and by Saturday things can radically change for the better. The main thing – to exercise prudence and not to miss the opportunity to replenish his life force.

The Woman-Fish

The influence of the planets, which others will bring stress and headaches, strengthen the power of the Fish. This is especially true for women who are not afraid of new changes and discoveries. Astrologers remind us that Jupiter is in retro phase, and therefore, you should be alert: it is possible that the past will remind about themselves, thereby misleading. Should think twice before writing their former partners or to give second chance to her husband, who has repeatedly lied to the trust. It is quite possible that you will have to recall their mistakes. Jupiter in aspect with Mars and Saturn on June 14 will act disharmonious will have to work on yourself.