Astronomers have shown how moving gas between galaxies: video

During the development and “death” of stars undergoing supernova. The result of this phenomenon in intergalactic space large quantities of gas, and until recently, scientists could not study the mechanism of the circulation of gas between the galaxies.

In the new research, the scientists used NASA’s Pleiades supercomputer, which shows how the gas moves between the galaxies over 13 billion years.

According to scientists, the gas itself doesn’t emit much light, in contrast to the bright galaxies. One way to consider the gas cloud to find bright light sources, and to measure how the gases absorb light.

Interpretation of the data difficult to analyse. In such situations use the power of supercomputers. During one of these experiments conducted simulations on the Pleiades supercomputer at the NASA lab.

The results of their work the researchers produced a short video which shows how the gas circulates between the galaxies over 13 billion years.

According to them, our milky way galaxy absorbs more gas than giving, as a consequence of its gravitational field, which pulls gas from its satellites.

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