Astronomers: the Earth is approaching a “death ray”

Researchers are scared of the unknown nature of the huge amounts of energy, which rushed towards the planet.

Астрономы: К Земле приближается «луч смерти»

Astronomers from Princeton University, observing the processes in space found that the Earth is approaching a “death ray”, which consists of electromagnetic and gravitational waves, radio waves, gamma rays and x-rays, United in a single beam.

According to scientists, when approaching a planet similar amount of energy can lead to the destruction of all life.

While the nature of a “death ray” and the exact threat is unclear, but it will be known later when the beam of energy closer to the milky way. Then the researchers will be able to determine its origin and the likelihood that he “attacks” the Earth.

Астрономы: К Земле приближается «луч смерти»

The last time was a lot of evidence that will soon be the end of all life on the planet Earth. Such predictions excite the humanity for almost all of history, but so far none of them came true.

At the moment very popular is a prediction that the mysterious planet Nibiru will hit Earth on September 19, however, the conspiracy theorists argued that this is exactly what will happen on August 16. However, they can move the date as many skeptics believe, because even if the Apocalypse happens, no one knows when and what was right.

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