Astrophysics misleading joyless news about asteroids

Астрофизики сообщают нерадостные новости об астероидах

Over the past few years, there has been a lot of concepts of how to effectively deal with the asteroids that have the potential to threaten the planet – but because some of their ideas deserve special attention of the specialists from the Johns Hopkins University, who today presented their new research in respect of such potential destruction of an asteroid the aggressor. The fact is that according to scientists, traditional methods of such destruction will be virtually meaningless, since the really big asteroids will still have the majority of its properties and durability even after contact with other objects.

The fact that earlier by many space researchers have proposed such a concept, in which flying to the Earth asteroid could be sent to another celestial body, natural or artificial. The main idea of this concept was that with this collision of an asteroid can fall apart even before they reach the atmosphere, or at least heavily damaged. Something similar was proposed in the context of the use of special ground weapons, which should shoot at the asteroid and destroy it to pieces.

However, the new statistical study by experts from Johns Hopkins University showed almost complete futility of such approaches. Experts have created a special computer model called Tonge-Ramesh, which clearly demonstrated that the collision with any asteroid will pass through two phases – the first phase will crack and break in the place of the collision, and the second by means of gravitational forces will be sent to the reverse side of the fragments.

The latter, as you might guess, can be a dangerous time for the cosmic body or weapons, with which we plan to destroy the asteroid is the aggressor – thus, the weapon itself can tear itself to pieces. So the new study clearly shows the need to study alternative concept for the potential destruction of an asteroid in the future – unless of course, this danger to us will generally be threatening.

Астрофизики сообщают нерадостные новости об астероидах

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