At a special screening of “rock” will once again be hot

На специальном показе фильма «Про рок» снова будет жарко

19 may at 20:00 in the big hall of the cinema “Karo 11 October” will be a unique event – a screening of the uncut version of the film Evgeny Grigoriev “rock” followed by an open dialogue, “the Alchemy of creativity: two stories about dreams which came true” with the participation of musician Oleg Nesterov and Director of the film.

The main question which it is necessary to find the answer tonight: How to find a balance between earning money and the meaning of life?

Directed by Yevgeny Grigoryev, winner of the “Kinotavr” and “Message to man” for his first film “Lech online”, nominated for national film award “Golden eagle” “Nika” and “White Elephant” for the film “the rock”:

For me, the word “rock” to end loses its musical value. To the fore the value of “destiny”, and I tried to capture these crucial moments of choice in itself, and in the material of heroes“.

Oleg Nesterov, the leader of the band “Megapolis”, the head of the record label Snegiri:

Those a couple of decades that I spent in the Studio and on stage, helping other musicians, they missed two hours of this outstanding film. In the movie “the rock”captured the most important moments and shows a very easy, accessible language and most importantly with a smile. Not subtract and not add.

We watch this amazing film and discuss with the Director about how music is born, as the person becomes willing to admit. About what live music is and what music is dead. About how it works and under what circumstances suddenly works.

We will talk about very simple but very important things, and this is not quoting textbooks, rather it will be a workshop based on years spent with the artists, a look inside. I am sure that tonight someone will understand something very important. Before meeting&33;

Join us and become a part of the momentous event&33;

На специальном показе фильма «Про рок» снова будет жарко