At a temperature of 37 urgent medical attention: Ukrainians face a dangerous epidemic

При температуре 37 срочно к врачу: украинцам грозит опасная эпидемия

Doctors called important tips that will help Ukrainians in the period of flu and colds that are now actively distributed.

According to the Director of the Kiev city laboratory center of the Ministry Sergey Chumak, now found strains of influenza A (two subtypes) and B.

“Clinically these strains are not much different from the previous one. Patients with symptoms of SARS, but no high temperature. Thus, as we know, are not as dangerous the flu, as its effects are different for each person. Therefore, when the first symptoms of influenza – weakness, runny nose, temperature 37… 37.5 ° C – you need to go to the doctor and not to self-medicate,” recommends Chumak.

According to him, 70% of all cases – students, even in gardens, the morbidity rates below.

The Ministry of health indicate that the incidence of most vulnerable children, the elderly and people with chronic diseases who have a weakened immune system. Also these categories of people serious consequences of the disease.

In Ukraine from flu already dead 19 people, including a pregnant woman and three children. About this on air of one of TV channels reported head of the Department of influenza and SARS Centre for public health the Ministry of health of Ukraine Oksana Artemchuk.

“According last week in Ukraine has increased the incidence of influenza and acute respiratory viral infections mainly among adult population. The kids were on vacation, they returned to the educational process from Monday, so next week we among of children we’ll see the rise of influenza and SARS “, – said the representative of the Ministry of health.

According to her, the epidemic threshold in Ukraine as a whole is not exceeded.

“On the contrary, we are below the threshold, that’s good. However, in some regions, namely, Zhytomyr, Sumy, Odessa, epidemic thresholds are exceeded. These are areas in which the epidemic incidence is the most Zhitomir region,” said Artemchuk.

She also noted that flu shots received only 0.4% of the population of Ukraine.

“I want you to know also that in Ukraine for 19 deaths, among them a pregnant woman, three children, two health workers. And none of them were vaccinated against influenza,” – said the head.