At Babi Yar paid tribute to the memory of executed poet Eleny Teligi

В Бабьем Яру почтили память расстрелянной поэтессы Елены Телиги

At Babi Yar in the day of the shooting February 21, honored the memory of an outstanding activist of the OUN, poet, essayist, literary critic Elena Teligi. Monument to Elena Teliga and a Memorial cross was installed in February 2017. Elena Teliga – Ukrainian poet, essayist, literary critic, leader of the OUN. Was born near Moscow, and at 11 years of age he moved to Ukraine. From 1922 to 1941, lived in exile, where he joined the OUN. In 1941, settled in German-occupied Kiev, and was organized by the Kiev branch of the Union of Ukrainian writers. On 21 February 1942 at the thirty-fifth year of life Elena Teliga, together with her husband Mikhail Telegas and other OUN members were executed in Babi Yar.