At Derby in the First League “Metalist 1925” – “Dnepr-1” sold more than 15 thousand tickets

На дерби в Первой лиге «Металлист 1925» – «Днепр-1» продано более 15 тысяч билетов

On Saturday, March 23, in Kharkiv there will be hardly probable not the most anticipated football event in the First League – on the field of RSC “Metalist” will “Metalist 1925” and SC “Dnepr-1”. These commands are now leaders of the First League and main candidates for the promotion.

Three days before the match, on Wednesday, March 20, this game was sold 15421 ticket, the official website of “Metalist 1925”. The stadium can accommodate 40 thousand spectators.

It should be noted that in the 22nd round of all six matches in the Premier League gathered 25 thousand spectators. In Kharkov, expect for the match “Metalist 1925” against “Dnepr-1” will receive a minimum of 20 thousand spectators.

Match “Metalist 1925” – “Dnepr-1” will be held on Saturday, March 23. The match starts at 18:00. “Dnepr-1” took first place in the standings and claim to direct access to the UPL. “Metalist 1925” on the second place with backlog in five points.